"See Lips" Lipstick Mirrors

that let you SEE YOUR LIPS

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Product Testimonials

"See Lips is so sleek!   No more digging into your purse for both your lipstick and mirror!  Not only a 'Time-Saver' but a 'Space-Saver'!"     Tori R. - North Carolina

"You have to really appreciate See Lips because of its convenience and because it's so economical.  No need for toting large mirrors or lipstick cases with mirrors in them anymore."    Ruth I. - Michigan 

"My girlfriend thought I was a genius when I got these for her!   Now she says she thinks of me every time she uses them. Thank you, See Lips!"   Ron H. - California

"Good looks do count!  I've benefitted financially and in my career from using See Lips and looking more prepared than my co-workers when it counted the most!"   Cindy D. - New York

"I feel very special having these mirrors to use.  Sort of makes me feel like a  movie star."   Bambi - Pennsylvania

"See Lips mirrors work great.  I love them!"     Dee P. - California

"I feel so much more self-confident from using See Lips!"     Kathy F. -  Indiana

"They're so simple to use and quite convenient."    Wilma T. - Michigan

"I use these See Lips mirrors every day.  They are a real time-saver!"    Mary R. - Washington

"Something every woman needs who uses lipstick."    Mary T. - Illinois

"I wish I had See Lips years ago..."   Vivian P. - Tennessee

"I actually have more time now because I don't have to search for the nearest room with a mirror anymore. Now I just pull out my See Lips mirror on my lipstick."    Melissa M. - Maryland

"Great for traveling..."   Barb C. - New Jersey

"Good looks don't always come easy. But this simple tool reduces my stress and saves me valuable time."  Louise T. - Alberta, Canada

"You'll wonder how you ever got by without this."  Wendy R. - Ontario, Canada

"See Lips provides the one thing women can't get enough of from their beauty products -- CONVENIENCE."   anonymous

"If looks could kill…..No beauty arsenal would be without this. Hidden, silent, easy-to-use. A real time-saver. A danger for the competition."  P.S.  Michigan 

"What somebody who travels a lot shouldn't be without. They'll thank you for this!"  Nancy H. - Indiana

"Embarrassed about putting on makeup in front of people? See Lips makes it more indiscreet. Using this, it won't be that obvious anymore." Ruby K. - Indiana

"Wearing my favorite cosmetics just got a lot easier and takes less time."  anonymous

"Don't switch your cosmetic products!  Just get more out of them with See Lips. Get more convenience from your favorite cosmetic products." Nancy D. - Oregon

"See Lips is something so simple but makes your life so easy and builds your self-confidence."  Chrissy H. - Indiana


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